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All three working committees meet twice a year.


Marketing Committee

  • The marketing and sales managers debate market trends and its requirements, different marketing tools, new products and competitive materials, as well as sustainability and environmental issues. Once per year the Marketing meeting is held in a back-to-back format with the Purchasing meeting.
Purchasing Committee  
  • The meeting point for our buyers and material managers. It focuses in one meeting on the tinplate market and in the second meeting on all other major components used in the production process
Technical Committee:  
  • The technical managers discuss technical problems and solutions as well as new developments and innovations in the market.
  • Once per year we run a conference focusing on one topic of broad interest in detail. Past examples for this are printing, weld quality, maintenance issues, and automation.
  • The other technical meeting is the major annual meeting that is always hosted by a member (to visit their plant) or arranged to coincide with trade fairs (like Metpack in 2002, 2005 or 08). We try to cover several topics and to provide our members with as many updates as possible.
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