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  • Working Committees: In general, the association’s work is executed through specific working groups, called committees. The Marketing, Purchasing and Technical Committees meet twice a year, in autumn and in spring.
  • Technical Office: In 2000, IPA created a Technical Office run by a full-time metal packaging engineer in order to enhance multi-lateral project development and innovation and to assure effective cross-referencing and synergy between the working committees. The Technical Office also resolves all administrative matters of the association.
  • General Assembly: A two-day General Assembly is held annually, hosted on a rotation basis by a member company. The agenda includes an overview of the packaging industry, committee and individual member reports, guest speakers, approval of new memberships, a financial report and all matters pertaining to IPA affairs. The General Assembly guides the committee work and develops the overall strategy. A third day is devoted to a plant visit.

Annual subscription fees:  
Membership is contingent upon payment of an annual subscription fee set by the General Assembly, consisting of a fixed rate plus a variable rate based on the weighted consumption of tinplate, black plate and aluminium.

A Management Committee, consisting of a President, a Vice-President and a Second Vice-President, is elected annually by the General Assembly; the Technical Office Manager is appointed by the General Assembly. A President’s term is usually for 3 years. The Extended Management Committee includes the committee chairmen as well and meets twice a year to review committee work and to execute the IPA’s strategy.

Legal status:  

The association is registered in France under registry number N° 0601013894 issued by the Oise Prefecture on March 18, 1998. Its by-laws are available to all members upon request.

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